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Lucid dreams



By Satori


note: this is a translation of original czech article written by Satori





    Lucid dreams are a special type of dreams during which a person is completely aware of being dreaming. This fact is absolutely characteristic of these states and it is right this that distinguishes normal dreams from lucid ones. Being aware of the fact that our body sleeps while our consciousness is dreaming is a springboard for experiencing many extraordinary things created only by our own mind. It also enables us to study the phenomenon itself, learn about its characteristic features and also use it in practice.


    The English term “lucid dream” does not exist long. It started to be used when the contemporary scientists (especially psychologists) began to study this phenomenon. However, it is the same kind of dreaming that has been known for thousands of years when it had started to be used in some Buddhist disciplines in order to achieve knowledge. At that time, it is said that some special techniques which could make you even reach enlightenment were invented. Lucid dreaming is well-known in many primitive cultures where it is often associated with religion. These techniques are often practised by local shamans for various reasons stretching from magical rituals to divination.


    Lucid dreams keep becoming popular in the modern civilizations, especially because of intensive research in this field which produces more and more related scientific literature. There are even public courses teaching lucid dreaming and increasing number of people starts to experiment with it individually. Individual practice does not pose any significant peril to your health. On the contrary, practising of lucid dreaming has a positive effect on human psyche and it is even sometimes used by psychologists in their practice to treat some types of mental illnesses. It is used, for instance, for treatment of many types of phobias. For these reasons popularity of lucid dreaming soars.



Lucid dreams and OOBE



    During the last few decades lucid dreams were studied especially by the people who were interested in OOBE (Out-of-body experience). It is for the reason that lucid dreams significantly resemble OOBE. However, lucid dreams´ advantage lies in the easier way to be induced. Even though the induction of lucid dreams can be tricky, with some experience and knowledge of its basic principles it can be achieved quite easily. In course of time, the frequency of occurrence of this phenomenon is increased and its quality improved which is a basic condition for conscious experimenting in this field.


    The connection between lucid dreaming and astral projections and other similar states of mind is obvious. All these states fall into the category communally named OOBE – Out-of-body experiences. These can be subsequently divided into three categories: clinical death (near-death experience), astral projections and lucid dreaming. These states of mind are closely related to each other, especially the last two ones. Near-death experiences are a little bit different; they are more stable, intense, clearness and have more variations. Sometimes even widened consciousness occurs. Astral projection can project our mind on various levels - usually on a physical level but sometimes on astral one (therefore astral projections). Projection on a physical level resembles to a considerable extent clinical death while projection on an astral level is much more similar to lucid dreaming. Actually, they are the same thing. They only differ in the way they are induced.


    Astral projections are only conscious (intentional or spontaneous) projection of your mind onto an astral (dreamy) level (for instance by proper mental technique) during which “breaking away from you body” occurs. Your physical body can be truly observed from outside as you were in a different body. Lucid dreaming does not offer this phenomenon. However, if you lose your consciousness or suffer “a momentary black-out” during the process of "breaking away from you body" (exteriorization) in conscious projection you will probably get into the state of lucid dreaming. Also, you can fall into a standard sleep. Conscious exteriorization is hence the difference between lucid dreaming and astral projection. Lucid dreams have also one great disadvantage to astral projections; they are not so clear and there also exists the possibility of falling asleep or slipping into any form of non-REM phase of sleep. Actually, this happens very often. Also, it is not rare that you may forget everything you have experienced shortly after awaking. Normal lucid dreaming is very similar to the lucid dreaming that occurs after losing concentration during astral projection. They are only a little bit clearer because of the usage of some "work with energy" techniques before the projection itself.


    Before I proceed to the concrete methods of inducing lucid dreams and the possibilities of their recognition, I would like to mention here some basic information about sleeping and its phases. It will help many to understand some nexuses without knowledge of which some people may ask questions why lucid dreaming cannot be sustained for the whole night but only for a short period of time during some specific sleep intervals.



Sleeping and dreaming



    Sleeping is defined as a function of the organism which is characterized by electrophysiological, vegetative and endocrinal changes. There are two types of sleeping. There is slow sleeping which is designated as sleeping of slow waves – SWS (slow wave sleep) and the rapid eyes movement sleep – REM sleep. The former is also called the non-REM sleep. We distinguish four stages of the non-REM sleep. When falling asleep, normal healthy people enters this stage first. They gradually progress through the stage 1 and 2 to subsequently enter the stage 3 and 4 where they spend approximately 70-90 minutes. The non-REM sleep is much deeper than the REM one; there is no rapid eye movement typical of the REM sleep and in absolute majority of cases there is no dreaming. In the end of the non-REM sleep is becomes lighter transforms into the REM one in which dreams occur. This cycle of 90 minutes repeats itself for the whole night. Towards morning there are less deep 3rd and 4th non-REM phases while REM intervals become longer. During a night there is up to 6 REM phases of a sleep which is about only a quarter of the whole time we spend on sleeping. Therefore, it is not possible to dream the whole night.


    Most of the dreams are forgotten when we wake up without leaving a significant memory. However, if we wake up during the REM phase it is possible to remember the dream or part of it. Nonetheless, it is likely that we immediately fall into the non-REM sleep and we would not be able to remember that in the morning. If we focus on the dream after every awaking and try to remember and jot down as many details as possible we would be able to recollect much more of it in the morning. The most intensive, subjective and easiest to remember dream are those in the last REM phase of our sleep. In the case that we wake up or are being woken up regularly during the night we are likely to remember more dreams as the proportion of REM phases is bigger. The question remains whether this is healthy for our body.



Remembering dreams



    The ability to remember dreams after awaking is VERY important for discovering of lucid dreaming. It is probably even more important than the inducing techniques. Lucid dreams show up during the whole night on certain frequency, however, we usually do not remember them or are uninformed and therefore we do not attach weight to them. If somebody practises techniques that should lower the frequency of lucid dreaming intensively and for a long time without previously being trained in remembering dreams, it is very likely for him to be disappointed. Even though lucid dreams could occur here they would be probably forgotten soon after awaking.


    If you are truly interested in the studying of lucid dreams take your time and try to train remembering dreams for a couple of weeks or even months as hard as possible. At the same time you can train how to make lucid dreams come more often which will make you better prepared for this experience. After every awaking, try to remember as many details as possible. This should make you be able to recollect more and more and eventually you may be surprise how much you can remember. This practice is completely essential for this. In the course of time you will be able to remember more and more dreams and soon lucid dreams occur. If you are able to recollect 4-6 dreams in the morning it means you are prepared. In time, some of you will become very skilled and will be able to remember many normal dreams and also the lucid ones.


Possibility of occurrence of lucid dreams and their types


There are many ways of inducing lucid dreaming. Some of them were already mentioned, some will be described later on. In practice, it is possible to distinguish these type:



1. A lucid dream is achieved by a specific technique during the REM phase of a normal sleep. This is most likely the easiest way which is VERY easy to learn and which will be described later on. - see the reality test below.


2. A lucid dream is achieved soon after the loss of consciousness during astral projection.


3. Astral projection transforms into the state of dreaming where subsequently lucid dreams are achieved.


4. A lucid dream is achieved spontaneously.


5. A lucid dream is a product of the "work with energy” mental techniques which make lucid dreaming come more frequently.


6. The features of lucid dreaming are inserted into normal dreams randomly as a result of intense studying of OOBE in the real life. These features are recognized in a dream which results in typical lucid dreaming.


7. Lucid dreaming is a result of practising of special techniques conducted while being awake. These techniques are intensively studied in these days and some of them are considered highly effective.


8. There are many other options of inducing lucid dreaming.



Techniques and methods



    There are many methods of inducing lucid dreaming. Some are more or less effective. Basically, the main feature of all of them is to create a conditioned reflex as reaction to some action which is by often practice integrated into the normal life. Logically, sooner or later this reflexes in dreaming where it can be recognized and bring about lucid dreaming.



The First Method



    An example of one of the method can be the following sequence: Every time you wash your hands (or any other regular action) observe whether the effect of "melting or misting of hands" occurs. This phenomenon is usually compared to vanishing of outline of your hands which is very specific for lucid dreaming and astral projections. If this happens you can be sure that it is lucid dreaming. This is of essential importance as it represents “the gate” into the world of lucid dreaming. It is the so called reality test which will be described later on in detail. The purpose of the techniques is its integration into a normal dream and simple testing.


    (The example I have mentioned did not work with me at all as I have never experienced it during lucid dreaming. In the most of the cases of lucid dreaming concentration is not very good which makes the recognition of this phenomenon very difficult. I observed my hands in lucid dreaming very often; sometimes their outline was sharp but sometimes it was out of focus. Only in some special cases I experienced certain "mistiness” and “graining” of my palms. Anyway, it is not even close to the "melting" some authors have described.)



    From the above mentioned information it is quite obvious what the point of the practising of these methods is. The point is to find an individually appropriate action which has to be implemented into your dreams. For this purpose it is suitable to choose an action which you do very regularly in your life. It can be the washing of your hands, looking in a mirror, opening doors, walking down a street, riding in an elevator, putting on shoes or anything else. It is just simply anything you consider appropriate. There is a huge number of possibilities.



The Second Method



    The difference from the first method is that its purpose is to notice things which are not common in the real world. It encompasses all the unreal activities as for example flying (which is very typical of OOBE) or the situations which are very unlikely for you in the real world. These can vary from flying in a balloon, spacecrafts, submarines or a plotline which takes place in strange places like under water, in space or in an exotic land. The recognition of these features again leads to the reality test.



The Method of Special Mind Machines



    Recently, special mind machines (sometimes called psychowalkmen) have spread largely. These machines provide a person in the REM phase of a sleep with specific signals which are perceived by the brain and which can be consequently integrated into dreams as "tell-tale sings". These devices are basically modified mind machines which are supplied with glasses and blinking diodes. They are usually used when lying in a bed waiting for falling asleep. The glasses are supplied with a miniature camera (connected with a PC) that scans eye movement. If you are in the REM phase a camera can tell your PC by the rapid eye movement that it is time to start blinking lights. This intense blinking of colours can be implemented into dreams as your specific feature which can draw attention of a sleeping person. They are said to resemble the features of blue lights of police cars, hazard lights, glittering of the water surface, colourful rain or storm accompanied by unusually frequent lightning. Although the producers of the device support their product with positive statistics of achieving of lucid dreaming its effect is not that great as it is very hard to recognize these features in practice. Moreover, we need to take into consideration the fact that even the strangest things can seem to be completely ordinary in dreams. Another disadvantage of the device is also its expensiveness. However, they represent a certain alternative to the previous methods. As it is with the other methods, the aim of this one is to make a sleeping person conduct the reality test.



The Trial and Error Method



    This method is the last one I intend to mention here. It is based on completely random testing of reality in order to reveal the fact that we are dreaming. This method is very appropriate if you have a feeling that something "in not alright". Remember the situation when you asked yourself “can this be true?". If it is a dream the reality test will make it clear.



The Reality Test



    Finally, we proceed to the description of the test itself. It should enable us to distinguish the reality from a dream. There a huge number of variations of it and new ones keep emerging. Some of them have been used for decades, some have been invented only recently. Truly, many of them are cunningly designed. In many cases, they have been designed in order to be as most suitable as possible for an individual person. Therefore, choose the easiest and most suitable method for you and conduct the test several times a day. Only by this way you can make it a powerful method of revealing of lucid dreaming.


    I mentioned one of the examples of the reality test before; the observing of "melting of your palms”. As I have already stated I do not consider it reliable. I, personally, use one method which I find very effective (however, I do not know the author). It works on the basis of observing of a watch. In dreams, the time is no object.  Therefore, if you look at your watch, then raise your head and have a look again you may find out that the time has changed. This definitely indicates dreaming. You can watch the time moving forward every time you look at your watch. If it is so, you can be sure that you find yourself in a dream. This method is not perfect and needs to be conducted several times just to make sure. However, I experienced the situation when the time remained constant even though I looked at my watch three times. For this method a digital watch are recommended although analogue one are also possible to be used.


    If you accidentally encounter a book you can use the same procedure. Read a paragraph and then read the same one again. In it is a dream a paragraph will be different. It may even happen that you will not find it in the book at all. This method is said to be more effective then the one with a watch, however, in practise it is not likely you will run into one.



Dream Adventures



    Now you know almost everything about lucid dreaming to start you own experimenting. Just to give a better idea of the topic I present a brief list of the most common possibilities of revealing lucid dreaming:


1.  You have conducted a previously selected action (e.g. washing hands) which you had done many times during a day while you had been conducting the reality test.


2. You have recognized a feature which was not likely to occur in the real life. This lead you to the reality test.


3. You conducted the test due to the recognition of mind machine signals integrated in your dream.


4. You conducted the reality test at random.



    If the test was successful and you recognized that you are dreaming, it means that it is a lucid dream. What to do next? First, calm down. Many people after realizing that they are actually dreaming become very upset which lead to quick awaking. Therefore, stay focused and try to look around you. In any case, do not attempt to concentrate on you illusory dreamy body. If you do, you may draw your attention to you real physical body which will result in awaking. This is very common in this situation. Regular practice will make more skilled.


    Now you have many options. As in the case of astral projections and OOBE, you can move through the time and space as quickly as you want. However, you are not likely to be able to control this at first. You may have difficulties with flying or you may not be able to “take off” at all. It is also very common that you do not fly but only make huge leaps. In the same time you may feel you body being weightless. You may also feel certain tingling, however, do not occupy you mind with this as it again may result in awaking.


    You can experience many extraordinary things in your lucid dream. The scenery of your dream can be changed and you can situate yourself in any imaginary place you wish. Some people may have problems with this, some do not. Also, it is possible to place a person in your dream. Such person then resembles in behaviour the one in the real life. I personally have little experience with the changing of scenery in a lucid dream. Some authors say that you only need to focus on a certain place, other advice to start spinning around quickly and think about it. I also tried to cover my eyes with my palms, think about the place I wished to go and then put them further. In most cases, this only lead to drawing my attention to my real body or simply all went black. Both of the things resulted in awaking. Therefore I do not experiment with changing of scenery much and rather leave my lucid dreams as they are. I do not recommend beginners to experiment with this much as they can be disappointed by soon awaking. Anyway, the possibility of changing of scenery in dreams is very attractive.


    There is one more way to change scenery of your dreams, however, I have had no opportunity to try it yet. It is the amazing method designed by the famous mystic and "astral adventurer” Robert Bruce who calls it “virtual reality projection”. It is based on the possibility of entering a picture or poster hanging on a wall – e.g. in your room. He says that all you need to do is to start running or flying against an object and soon you will find yourself inside of it. For this purpose, it is more appropriate to focus on what a picture contains rather then on a picture itself.


    The above mentioned “huge leaps” are quite easy as far as I am concerned.  It is quite extraordinary experience to make a leap over a house or jump from a roof to land on another many metres away. I hope you will experience this one day. I would like to stress the importance of the reality test here which should be conducted several times before jumping out of a window. I hope your watch would work well at the moment :)


    The Purpose of Lucid Dreaming


As I have already mentioned before, there are many ways of practical application of lucid dreams. The most common are these:


1. Psychological application in order to overcome phobias. An afflicted person can experience in dreams such situations which normally would induce strong feelings of fear.


2. Curing nightmares by the usage of the reality test.


3. Lucid dreams can be fun.


4. Treatment of depression or other long-term illnesses.


5. From the Buddhist point of view, lucid dreams help you to understand the world as an illusion where a human being does not know what is real and what is not. Many things can be revealed by the reality test to be only illusions although he considered them to be real.


6. Last but not least there is a possibility of crossing the border between lucid dreams and astral projections which take place in the physical world. This enables you to operate in the "real world".


    The last method is very difficult as lucid dreams are usually not as clear as astral projections and it is very hard for you to reveal the reality there. If you happen to do that there is very strong tendency to return to dreaming again. You will see for yourself that many times after you leave your room or fly out of a window the world outside it is very different from the one you know. You can also try to focus on your physical body and therefore draw you attention closer to the physical world. However, as mention before, you venture to awake.


    As for the clarity of lucid dreams, they are not usually really crystal clear. You do not thing in the same way as you do in the real world. This state of mind resembles light drunkenness. In most cases, people are able to realize they are in a lucid dream but they cannot thing clearly and forget where they wanted to go or what they wanted to do. Therefore, it is suitable to prepare certain hints according to which you will be able to decide.


    Another disadvantage of lucid dreams is also the fact that they are last only shortly, especial in the beginnings of your experimenting. Also, lucid dreams do not come whenever you wish. Their frequency of occurrence is low. You may wait for another lucid dream for months or even years. This all depends on you ability to remember dreams, efficiency of the reality tests and how much time do you spend on training in vigilance. On the other hand, lucid dreams can occur spontaneously and surprise you even though you have not practised it for a long time. Sometimes studying of related literature or simply thinking about it can boost you chances of occurrence. However, there are people whose dreams are very vivid, clear and colourful (standard dreams are usually only black and white). Such people can experience lucid dreaming even several times a day. It probably depends on their talent and intensity of practising. Some authors claim that any form of energetic exercise also results in better quality and higher occurrence of lucid dreams. From my experience I can confirm this.


At the end of this topic I would like to add some of my own experiences in order give a better idea. I hope you will like them. Here they are:


1. I am sleeping. Suddenly, I feel like I can see through my eyelids. I am trying to focus on it and then I find myself sitting in my bathroom in front of a mirror. As I know that the possibility of seeing through eyelids suggests an opportunity for astral projections I am trying to leave my body by pushing aside. As I am leaning I can see two reflections of me in the mirror. I am realizing the success of my endeavour and starting to leave the room towards the ceiling. Here, I realize it is a dream. With a couple of strokes like I was swimming I am flying to the other room through the hall. I am wondering whether everything outside is normal and so I fly out of a window just under the ceiling. Outside the house everything seems to be in normal, however, on the right there are new high buildings with brightly lit windows which are not there in the real world. It is dark. I am moving forward but soon I am driven by strong wind. Suddenly, I find myself at an unfamiliar place. I am trying to change the scenery of my dream… something is emerging... I am awaking.


2. It is late night. I am waking up and then falling asleep again. I am trying to achieve exteriorization by proper mental technique. Soon, I am free. With a couple of strokes I am moving out of my body and flying out of a window. The surrounding of the house looks real but its very dark everywhere. I am observing my hands and trying to induce the effect of “melting of palms”. I cannot see my palms clearly so I am moving above the roof of the house towards near buildings. I am surprise how real everything looks. I getting near a high building and entering it through its wall. It looks like my doctor's office. Then I witness an interesting scene. I am in a kitchen where somebody talks to a kid. Disappointed by the fact that it is not real projection but only a lucid dream where it is very unlikely that such a young kid could stay awake that late, I am waking up.


3. … I running through the hall as quickly as possible and jumping out the window. I know I am dreaming although I do not remember conducting the reality test. I am expecting to fly but I am falling down on the ground. My landing is soft as if my body was weightless...


4. … I find myself on a desolated planet - like Mars. Dead bodies of animals lie all around. I realize I am dreaming and I am leaving this terrible place with one huge leap. I am rising higher and higher … Suddenly, beautiful white clouds surround me and I am levitating in the middle of them. An idea that it can be a different level flashes through my mind, but I reject it…


5. … I am on a tropic beach which is one of my prepared signals to conduct the reality test… something is not alright. In the background, silhouettes of many churches are starting to appear like in I was in Venice… I am conducting the reality test with my watch finding out that it is a dream… I am trying to spin around to change the dream scenery … I am surrounded by darkness and I am starting to feel my physical body... I am waking up.


6. I am strolling through a park… randomly I conduct the test… I am sure I am dreaming… I am starting to run… I am taking off from a banister and jumping over a river… by a single jump from the tree situated next to the road I am flying over a lawn and heading to the neighbouring house. I am walking through the wall of the house imagining the landscape behind it... I am waking up...


These were ones of my first experiences with lucid dreaming. The ones of yours are likely to be very similar. I wish you good luck with experimenting on this field and many extraordinary and pleasant memories!


Here are some other interesting lucid dream experiences (updated):


Some time ago, I tasked myself with walking through a door in order to enter the landscape that I imagined previously. Walking through a wall does not work for me so I think a door would be better. After some time, a lucid dream occurs... I am waking up from a normal dream... I cannot tell whether I am awake or still dreaming... I am using the rope technique... I am getting out... it is the daytime… I am swimming through a window around a neighbouring house… I am diving headfirst as quickly as possible… without success… I am landing on an asphalt road next to a highway which in not there in real… I am swimming low to the ground… I can see a fence which should not there as well… suddenly I see something like a wall with a red gate (I probably wanted this to happen in order to try the walking through a door to change the scenery)… I am thinking about the landscape behind the door and trying to enter it... I failed... It is pitch-black all around me… again, I am not able to distinguish whether it is still a dream… soon I can “see” again… I am trying to walk through a wall again… darkness again... this time I am waking up for sure… next it will be more suitable to use a picture on a wall to change reality.


October 1st 2006 – I am in my room. It is the daytime. Something is different. I am attempting to conduct the reality test with my watch but I am finding out that I do not have them. I am trying to remember what I am supposed to do in this situation. I may try to poke my fingers through some object, however, nothing strikes me. The situation was solved by accident - I can see a digital alarm clock on a table. Everything seems too normal to be a dream. I am looking at the clock, looking aside and then again at the watch. The time has changed! This is a lucid dream. I am checking the time again with the same result. Even some extra numbers occur on the display. I am walking to a window...trying to poke my fingers through it. I failed to this with my right hand - fingers are stopped by the glass making the knocking sound like in the real world. However, the fingers of the left hand go through the glass easily… something is strange… I am not levitating but standing on the ground. I am thinking about my next steps. Everything looks very realistic - I almost fear to jump out of a window :-))I decide to stay calm and trying to keep this state as long as possible. I am taking a seat on a small table which is not supposed to be in the middle of the room. I am closing my eyes, breathing slowly and counting… soon I am starting to hear voices. Some people who visited me last night came again... I do not understand what they are saying... I am waking up...


Next time I need to better determine what I want to do in a lucid dream. I also need to memorize the course of action if a watch are not on my wrist again. This was one of a few situations in which I was in my room where are lots of posters with landscapes on walls in which I may be able to enter. However, this did not strike my mind at that moment. Maybe next time. I may also be able to enter a poster without flying. I could use the rope technique next time I will be standing on the ground in order to get up in the air. I need to clear things up and repeat them more often…


October 2006 – This lucid dream is somehow special. It begins as a normal dream. I am walking by a river with my parents who are walking our dog. I know the position and name of the river, however, it looks just different then in real - it has wide flat shores with withered grass on them. There is an old factory on the opposite shore. I coming to an old dead tree with a mighty trunk… suddenly I am levitating in front of the tree only few metres above the ground and at that moment I realize it is a lucid dream. I can see my parent in the distance… I am flying down headfirst and then over the river surface... I am moving by my thoughts but also by swimming… I am enjoying the feeling… the weather is like in spring... suddenly something strange happens. I am being drawn higher in the air down the river. The drawing is not strong but I can feel it. I can resist it but when I stop fighting it I am being drawn again closer to a spot further above the river. I let myself being drawn. It takes me higher in the air... for a short time it stops on a spot as if I have reached my destination but then it starts again. This time very quickly in an unknown direction… I am approaching a high rock on the river shore. There is a hole in it and a passageway behind the hole. It is a cave with walls of sharp white stone. The hole and the passageway are very narrow; no man could go through... I am leaving the place but then I realize that I could be able to pass through because it a dream... I am flying through... Soon I am getting to an alcove at the end of a passageway from where I have a wonderful view of the river. Somebody could fit in the alcove. There is a skull and some neatly arranged objects a short way off. I think I can see some batteries lying on the ground. I do not understand what I am seeing… the lucid dream is transforming into a normal one about a story of a Thai woman who used to live in this cave and who was interested in poisons. I think she poisoned somebody and was wanted by the police… little Chinese barks flow down the river... it is crowded everywhere as the river flows through some Asian town, probably right through a market. There are ancient buildings on the shore… it is different time and place…


November 2006… I conduct the reality test randomly in the bathroom. I succeeded. It does not seem to me that it is a dream. I do not even know what to do... I realize that I am not flying... I am running across the room to jump out of a window. Everything looks so real that I fear to venture to jump. :) .. I am jumping through a closed window but falling down quickly. I am stopping only a few metres above the ground and starting to fly higher. Accidentally, I have discovered another possibility to get airborne. Usually if I am standing on the ground in lucid dreaming I cannot fly but only make huge leaps... I am flying by the strength of will without using my hands high up in the air and then turning behind a corner by swimming. Out of the blue I can feel “the wind” drawing me back and up again. It tries to take me on the spot near the stairs of the house... Shortly after that I am waking up.


Again, next time I need to determine what I want to do in advance. I would like to enter some scenery by flying through a poster on a wall. I also would like to get in the air by the usage of the rope technique.



December 2006... I am in my room... then I find something odd and I realize it is a dream. This time my mind was not clear and I did not conduct the reality test with my watch at all. Instead of that I observed my hands. For the first time in my life, I can observe "the melting of palms effect". My palms are kind of foggy and grey, I cannot see clearly. Anyway, it gave me a clue that I was "awake during a dream"… There are more people in the room – my mother and a couple of familiar faces. I am thinking about flying. I am trying the rope technique. It works great in dreams. I am imagining an invisible rope above me and with my hands lifted above my head I am climbing up. At first it does not work. It also seem comical to me to talk with my mother while climbing up an invisible rope like being nuts. Nobody in the room finds that strange so I just ignore them and concentrate on climbing. Suddenly, I can climb easily and soon I am reaching the ceiling of the room… I am immediately flying out of the room. However, I forgot to enter a poster (again!). I hope I will make it next time. I need to make a few things clear for the next lucid dream:


1. Whenever I suspect it is a dream, I will conduct the reality test. If it does not work, I will try to poke my finger through glass, a wall or an object. I can also try to look at my hand whether my watch appears.


2. If I am “on the ground” in a dream I will the rope technique.


3. I will try to fly through a poster (I have even two of them on the wall). Outside the house I will be practising to fly by different speed.  


4. I will keep reminding me of this all :)


Although I tried many of them I do not know any reliable technique to change scenery when outside the house. I tried to walk through a wall imagining the scenery behind it, I tried to cover my eyes with my palms situating myself somewhere else. I also tried spinning around. None of them, however, produced the required results. I need to come up with something.


January 1st 2007… I am explaining to somebody what lucid dreaming is. After some time I getting to the explanation of the watch reality test…I got a new analogue watch for Christmas. At first I wan concerned whether I will be able to determine the time with them but now I know it is easy. I wear them only a week and they already integrated themselves in my dreams. I am looking at my watch trying to see the time. It is strange that its hands did not appear at all. I am sure it is a dream. I am explaining this to somebody again while looking at them. It has the same result. After the third look I can finally see the watch’s hands. After the fourth look they appear in different position. Maybe that analogue watches are more suitable. I find myself on a street… I am making huge leaps over cars. After that I am trying to get in the air by the rope technique. At first it does not work but then I am trying to crouch down pulling the rope down behind me as if I was pull down some heavy object to the ground. I am moving hand over hand along the rope from this position drawing myself up. Another interesting finding :) … I am flying through streets at the height of approximately 3rd floor along high buildings. After some time, something is drawing me on one side again... I let myself being drawn... suddenly this power vanishes and I am flying into a building. I am flying through many walls. I am not completely sure but I think that I was able to see what in the next room. I kept focusing on this image in my mind in order not to lose it. This works quite good... I am exploring another rooms and I am surprised that it takes so long. In one of the places I find a kindergarten with many people there... I am proceeding further to the hall on the upper floor. I am entering a room on its end. The lucid dream then gradually transforms into a normal one. Suddenly, everything looks like in a luxury train…the dream continues…


At first was this lucid dream quite stable. Drawing myself up on a rope from crouching is very promising technique. I must try it again. My new watch surprised me as well. Being able to see through walls is also new for me. Concentrating on an image behind a wall makes the walking through it smooth and lowers the risk of falling into a normal dream or being moved at another place. Maybe I could be able to change the scenery by simple focusing on its image and moving towards it.


For next time:


Check the rope technique conducted from crouching.

Try to see through walls.

Try to change the scenery by entering an image in my mind.


February 2nd 2007, 14:40, I am lying on the right side. This lucid dream was extremely eventful and long. I tried to jot down all the detail I could remember immediately after I woke up but I forgot a lot. Before I felt asleep I thought about some form of "teleportation" which could be used to change the scenery in dreams. I also thought about what I should be thinking of before falling asleep in order to increase the frequency of occurrence of lucid dreams. This really worked:


I am in a strange room in an unknown house… I somehow know it is a dream. Slowly I draw my hand with the watch to my eyes expecting a positive result of the test. I am noticing the position of the watch’s hand and taking a look again. The position of the hands have changed and so did the shape and design of the watch. I am happy. I am taking the stairs and entering a hall with another stairs… I am noticing a mirror in the corner… I can see my reflection as in the real world... I am trying to walk through a wall out and I am thinking how to get in the air. Until then, I was walking on the ground. I am somewhere in the higher floor of the building. I am thinking about jumping through a wall and somehow reaming in the air. I am dismissing this idea and trying to come up with something better. I am standing in front of a wall moving myself through only by my will - without using my limbs. Now I am flying high in the air near a housing estate. I am thinking about swimming as usual but I keep moving by my will and landing on a roof of a small building… an idea of increasing of clarity of my lucid dream by “working with energy” struck my mind. So I am conducting complex exercises of qi-gong about a metre above the roof. It very resembles the reality. I can feel heat in my palms when I focus on them and also a flow of energy in my lower back. Maybe I should have tried microcosmical orbiting as well... I am back in the bathroom. I can see my reflection in the mirror again. However, this time my eyes are strange and my head tilted back. I am hanging in the air motionlessly and I look like a corpse... I am starting to exercise some technique in front of the mirror. I can also see the details of my clothes... It feels strange to practise in the air :)... I am levitating near the ceiling with my legs crossed. My legs keep falling down as if I was sitting on a board... I can feel the lucid dream vanishing. I am desperately trying to save it by attempting to change the scenery without success. I am falling into a foggy dream where I can see images of a distant land. However, I am not capable of any action. I am feeling that I am waking up but still perceiving the subsiding dream. This happens to me very often… I am opening my eyes and trying to write my dreams down. It seems to me as if I was trying to remember something I experienced a month ago. I cannot recall the most of the dream.


In this experience I failed to change the scenery. I think I miss some mechanism which would enable me to do that. I guess it is necessary. In dreams, I cannot do what I do not feel - e.g. climbing a rope does not work until I can feel the pulling. If I am able to imagine those feelings it works. Moreover, one has a better idea of doing it for the next time. The mechanism could be probably applied on the changing of scenery. Just to think about it does not work with me. It is the same feeling as in real when you know you just cannot do that. However, some people have no problems with this.


January 3rd 2007… I am standing in the garage in front of a mirror that is not supposed to be there. I can see that my reflection is a little delayed. Jus to make sure, I am conducting the reality test. At first, the time has not changed twice but for the third time the design of the watch changes and I can also see some strange circle with incomprehensible numbers. They also change after second glance... I find myself on the upper floor. I am walking through a glass door of a balcony. I am raising my hands up in the air and slowly starting to fly. There are many stars in the sky and one of them is even moving. It is a clear deep night... I rising up and flying to the top of one of the spruces standing in front of our house. I am trying to adjust my speed to get there immediately but I fail to do that. I still cannot fly quickly... now I am high above the trees near the house which in not usually there... a car is pulling over and some people are getting out. Something is going on in the house. I am observing the situation under me, thinking what to do next.he isI am observing the is An idea of flying to the window, walking through a wall and watching my neighbours crossed my mind. I have never watched somebody in my lucid dreams so far. At least, not intentionally. On the other hand, why not? It is just a dream after all. I am flying inside the house somewhere at the height of the first floor... I am slowly waking up. This lucid dream was short and unstable. It tended to transform into a normal dream.


July 13th 2007...  I am in a hospital institution… there is a name of a chemical substance written on the door of a waiting room. I am thinking that it is not supposed to be there. I am telling my friend that it is a dream. He does not believe me. In order to prove that, I am raising my hand and poking it through glass... I am making huge leaps in a hall… I want to get in the air. I am climbing a rope…successfully. With a yell of joy I am flying up… now I am in a big room in a basement. It looks like a big storehouse. There are plenty of young people. Somebody is giving a speech about a new project to them. I can hear the words: “We will develop a new method of collective consciousness”…


August 28th 2007… This lucid dream was most likely the longest ever. I used many old tricks in it and also tried some new ones.


I am having a normal dream. I am in my old school. I am sitting by a PC and reading emails. I am reading an email from a former school headmaster. It displays some x-ray pictures of his upcoming surgery. He probably wanted to consult this with me. Suddenly one of my schoolmates asks me what it is about and some other turns back to me too. I am closing a browser window but the PC freezes as ill luck would have it. At that moment, the headmaster enters the room and starts to look at the screen. I am realizing the awkwardness of the situation but he only says: "It does not matter, it is all just a dream.”. Loudly I say to myself: “We will see about that." I am looking for my watch to conduct the reality test but I cannot find them on my wrists. I am looking in my pockets. I never put it in there but I am trying to imagine it and surprisingly it is there, even two of them. I taking them out, looking at time. There are two colourful hands in the same position on both of them. I am taking another look but nothing has changed. I am looking around the classroom and I find a wall clock. It shows the same time but another look is successful. I want to fly out of a window but everything seems too real. Therefore, I am conduction the reality test again. The time has changed again, it is really a dream! I am thinking about flying again - I am simply standing, stretching my hands forth and starting to rise towards the ceiling slowly but at a steady rate. I am flying out through a window. This time I am really enjoying the flight. I am moving only by my will. There a cluster of people and some movie is about to be screened under the open sky. I am trying to fly low and also just on the border between the ground and air. It like I was gliding on the sea. I can feel air resistance and the flow of energy in the body. It struck my mind that the perceiving of energy can prolong lucid dreams so I am trying to fly through objects perceiving the energy in my body... I am flying through a long handrail... suddenly, I can feel the power drawing me again. I let myself being drawn, thinking that it may take somewhere important again. It takes me back to the building and down the long basement hall into a small room. There are many old people, it actually looks like a hospice. I do not understand why I was taken here. I am trying to ask them loudly who called me here. One old woman with long white hair approaches me. None of the rest of the people responds. I am asking here why I was brought here. She says she is dying and scared. I am starting to wake up. I can hear snoring of the person who was sleeping in the same room that night. I am mad about being woken up like this. I can feel I am almost awake but still I can perceive the dream. I am focusing on the dream and it surprisingly continues… however, the conversation with the old woman is over. I am taking her in my arms to get her in safety. On my way I can see a mirror. There am only me in the reflection which is strange. I keep carrying her to the next room while I am still talking to her. At that moment I forget about the headmaster and start to think that it was her who brought about this lucid dream. I am thanking here and asking her a favour - to call me back when she dies. She agrees. I am walking out of the room while I notice a mirror. I am only half dressed in the reflection. I am trying to imagine the rest of my clothes. I am even closing my eyes to visualize it. They are really starting show up… I am going out to enjoy flying. I am walking through a wall perceiving the energy and slight air resistance. I would like to experiment a little. Not far from me, there is a man walking by the school hall. I am flying close to him and poke my hand through him. The feeling resembles the one when I tried to poke my hands through a flexible rubber balloon. I am grasping his heart. I am wondering whether I am hurting him in some way so I am releasing his heart and starting to explore his head from within. He seems to be annoyed by that... I am letting him go. I am flying further to the place where the movie is screened. There are lots of people. There is a soldier in a brown uniform aside of the people. I am “exploring” him as well. I am clenching my fist to punch him in his leg. I really hit him and he notices that. It scared him and he started to look around him for the cause of it. There is iron column next to him. I am trying to hit it too. In real it would hurt badly but here I feel nothing. I can feel the impact on the column but no pain. I am thinking about doing of one of Shaolin sets. I do not remember the moves and waking up…


August 3rd 2007, 5:15… This was my first dream where I used the reality test to overcome a nightmare.


I am in the cottage. It is a deep night. There is nobody around, only strong wind rustling among the crowns of trees on the edge of the forest. It is scary a lot. I feel like I am not alone but I do not know who it is.... suddenly, I can hear strong rumbling and a red curtain rings down over the gate like in a theatre. I can hear the rumbling again and the wind is getting stronger. I am really scared, my heart is beating fast. I am running back inside the cottage and locking the door swiftly. As I am stepping in the next room I realize that I have walked through the wall and I am unprotected outside the cottage. I am frightened that somebody is playing with me. I need to get to safety. I feel the rush of panic. Suddenly, I realize that it is to mad to be true. It must be a dream. I am looking at my watch...the time has changed! I feel huge relieve and I am laughing loudly. The nightmare is gone... I find myself somewhere in the middle of the street not far from our house. It is the daytime. I am teaching somebody to fly. I am explaining him the mechanism of taking off. I am stretching my arms forth and trying to fly. I am starting feel tingling and the flow of energy in my palms. I am slowly starting to rise helping myself by swimming. I turning back on the person I was instructing before screaming: "Come on! This won’t last the whole night." ... somebody in the street is preparing his car for vacation and it seems he has some visitors. Some people are chatting below me. I am flying to them. They cannot see me but one of them is keeping a dog on a leash which is barking at me…


August 8th 2007, 4:18… I am lying on the bed in the room where I usually practise one of astral projections. I am stretching my arms forth and trying to get out of my body directly by flying. I realize that rising my hands can end trance but for some reason I am going on. Will has incredible power in dreams... Feeling of pressure occurs. A few minutes later I am out of my body. I am turning back immediately to see my body lying in the bed. I am flying through the window stopping on a handrail. I wear a black suit. I want to fly again so I am conduction the reality test to make sure I am in a dream. I am stretching my hands forth again and flying behind the corner. It is clear day. I am trying new techniques of flight – with my arms stretched in front of my body, flying by swimming and flying only by my will. The last one seems to be the least effective and suddenly I have a feeling that I can no longer remain airborne and fall down. I am falling down and starting to wake up. I am desperately trying to remain in the dream by imagination something. The word "creature” struck my mind. I am probably falling into a normal dream. However, it continues. There is a little monkey in front of me out of the blue. It looked into my eyes and hit me hard in my head....I am talking to it. It is very arrogant and I am insulting its master with words. It gets angry. I visualize a glass full of water and throwing it at the monkey...


It is early October …I am lying on a shore of a lake or pond. It is a lovely day. The sky is blue and clear. I can feel the atmosphere of summer holiday. I surprised that it is so clean all over me; a well-kept lawn, no mud, crystal clear water. I realize that I am actually on holiday. I am sure it is January or February. Typical European nature surrounds me. I am wondering about the position of this place - The Canary Islands, Madeira, tropical countries – Africa, South America… No way! None of these destinations can resemble the typical Czech pond countryside. I realize it is a dream. It is so peaceful and beautiful that I do not even want to use the potential of lucid dreaming. I am pleasantly tired, the sun is shining, water is splashing, and wind is rustling in the crowns of trees... it is perfect… I am enjoying this…


September 17th 2007... The last night was special. I have had three lucid dreams. I found some instructions for changing of scenery in dream on the Internet and I was thinking about them before I went to sleep.


…. I am half sleeping half awake... A dream is beginning or ending. I know it is a dream but I cannot move and my consciousness is very limited…


… I am having a different and longer dream. At the end of it, I am walking down the stairs when suddenly something in my head tells me that I should not go down there. As if something was lurking for me. I do not believe it and I am telling myself "what could be lurking for me in our sitting room? It is night. When I am walking by the balcony I get scared. There is a pale person with long scruffy hair standing in the dark behind the window. It is standing right behind the window with its face turned in the room. It is a ghost. It looks like a corpse. It very resembles the girl from the Ring movie. Her skin is deathly pale and her head tipped forward... I am standing only a few metres before her...suddenly she is walking through a window at an incredible speed and attack me. I got scared but also realize that it is a dream. Surprisingly, I am deciding not run but I am flying against her as quickly as possible. While flying towards her I am thinking about the way I am going to attack. At the last moment I decide to attack her by positive emotions. I do not know how to do it, everything happens to fast. We crashed into each other in the air… I am not sure what happened. I am waking up sweaty in a rush. I am trying to sleep on but I do not want the dream to continue. It was right this idea which evoked another lucid dream early in the morning.


…the following dream of that night was long. Subjectively, I think it lasted for an hour. However, at the end of it I felt asleep and unfortunately forgot a great deal of it.


…I am lying on the bed and waking up. It is a deep night. Suddenly my room is lit by a flash of a camera and I realize that I somebody took a picture of me. I am looking around the room and I can see a person with a demonic face, long white hair and goggly eyes sitting on the sofa. Surprisingly for me, I am not scared and I ignore him. I suspect it is a dream. I am looking for my cell phone to conduct the reality test on it. The time it shows is strange. Therefore I am looking at the time on an alarm clock. The reality test results in favour of dreaming.... I am standing on a parapet and slowly passing through a window. It is an amazing feeling and it is hard to describe. I am trying to feel the flow of energy in my palms as they are touching the glass of the window in order to enhance the quality of consciousness and make the dream last longer... I am standing in the middle of the window, perceiving unusual feelings. It is pleasant and strange. The glass feels like something flexible and liquid but still very solid - like a solid flexible membrane or as if a very solid water surface would surround ma palms. I am observing this for a while and then I am starting towards a window sill... It is dark outside. I can hear whistling behind a corner. I am turning at that direction to see a non-existing neighbour working on something in his workroom in front of the house terrace... I am surprised that everything looks so real. The light of the workroom lights the crowns of trees in the garden and I am leaning my head down. Everything is so real that I fear to jump. I am rather retrieving back into the room to start flying there first. Then an idea of entering a poster crosses my mind. It is for the first time that I have this opportunity. I have wished this for a long time! There is a poster of a tropical beach above my PC. In this dream, the poster show the tropical beach too but the palms there are somehow bent down... I am slowly starting to fly and heading straight to the poster. The theory says I should do it like that. I am getting stuck in the middle of the poster and wall and I can see nothing. I am trying something new - something that occurred to me only recently: I am aiming my hand at the wall and by pressing a button on the watch and starting to project a picture of the tropical beach on the wall. It really works! I do not stop watching it even though I am lowering my hand. I am no sure what happened after that but I probably did not get in there. All I know is that something more happened. After some time, I find myself in the room again but it is different. It is a daytime and there several people sitting at the table - most them are children. Nobody knows that I am here. An elderly woman is walking in my direction. I am trying to walk through her....successfully :) ... suddenly, I am on a tram, and talking to my schoolmates about lucid dreams... they do not believe me they exist at all… I am trying to explain it to them by the following example... I am back in the room. I am standing on the table and I am explaining something to them. They are paying attention. To prove them that it is a dream I am taking one the children in my arms and trying to fly to the ceiling. It does not work. So I am going to the parapet and trying to push my hand through the glass. However, my hands are stopped by it. I am trying it several times more but it is just not working at all. Surprised about that I am looking at my schoolmates… I am waking up. cid dreams... oolmates.walk trh there.  o I am satnd


It is a pity that I was not success to get to the beach. I thought it would work. My watch surprised me pleasantly again. I hope I will be able to try that all again. I know that passing through a window is a good way to change scenery. I must try it again. Windows work fine with me. Maybe I must image another kind of landscape behind a window. We shall se :)


November 27th 2007... I am walking in the square. I am entering one of the narrow streets leading to the main street. Something is being built here. There is a wooden scaffolding everywhere. The further I go the darker and narrower the street is. Soon it is turning into a stone dark hall leading under ground. There is a wooden door at the end of it. I am already aware that it is a dream. I am opening the door and moving on to a long spiral staircase up. I am opening another door to find out that I am on a small stone tower in the middle of a wonderful forest meadow bathed in sunshine. Standing with his back to me, there is a good friend of mine. But because I know it is a dream I do not even greet him and I am immediately taking off. I do not remember when I enjoyed flying so much! At first, I am flying high then very low close to the ground, fast and slowly, looping or rising steeply, flying through tree… Flowers are all around me. It a one of those lovely summer days...


December and January – I had no special lucid dreams worth mentioning. Lately, I have noticed that I do not conduct the reality test with my watch but only start thinking whether it is the reality or not. Nevertheless, it works great too! I often tell myself that it is a dream but the reverse is true.


February 2nd 2008… I am walking through a strange building with a reception and a room that resembles a school. Suddenly, I need to take a leak (quite strange in a dream) so I am trying to find that room :) I am walking through some washroom with a shower and a changing room. There is some wannabe WC but I cannot find a toilet. I am thinking that it must be a dream for the house is arranged in such a strange way. Again, I am skipping the watch reality test and poking my fingers through a glass door right off (my favourite way lately). I am getting to the street… The street is bustling with people, cars are everywhere and there is a park across the street. It looks like some event is about to take place. There is a coffee-stall with a long queue. There is a river flowing in the back. I am trying to change the scenery of the dream. I am thinking about one way to that and which could work. I am entering the stall and imagining that it is situated on a tropical beach. I do not know how but I partly remember that it worked. I am walking through the wall of a closed stall and emerging on a beach. The idea of the river from the previous scenery ruined my plans. At first sight, everything seems to be perfect. There is sand, palms, different atmosphere and a sea canal with an island behind it instead of the river. I am taking pleasure in my success... but then everything was changed by the idea of the stall from the previous scenery. The blue canal is changing into a grey river, sand is getting dark to turn into gravel with small pebbles. I am in the park again...


March 21st 2008… I am entering an entrance hall. Instead of the front door there is the garage overhead door with our dog stuck under it. I did not get scared because I immediately knew it was a dream. Just to make sure, I am conduction three reality tests and then I am leaving the house... It is cold and gloomy outside. It is probably about 6 p.m. I am thinking about teleporting myself a couple of metres forward. I cannot do that so I am giving it up. Then something special happened. I changed the scenery only by my mind for the first time in my life. This is why this dream is so unique. I was just a tiny idea in my head at first, a plain attempt that should have ended with failure. Such surprise! First, I took off and then I started to think about one particular place. I stared into distance and flew in that direction. It was a strange feeling, like to enter a different dimension. I felt that it resembled the effect of video cameras that are recording their own output… I am on a tropical beach. Garish colours and exotic nature are striking! It takes my breath away. The sky is dark blue, almost purplish. Gentle wind is creating tiny waves on the turquoise sea and the leaves of palms and other trees are trembling in the wind. All of this is bathed in sunshine. Dark granite stones are in stark contrast to snow-white small-grained sand. I can smell salt and feel the refreshing atmosphere of the place. It is an extremely lively vision. Perfect peace and perfect calmness of my mind. I feel like I have been on vacation for weeks. This was definitively one the most colourful dream I have perceived by almost all of my senses. It was very real even though I had not completely clear consciousness. It was rather a thoughtless and relaxing dream lulled to sleep by the atmosphere of that place. However, after that it changed into a normal dream which I could not remember at all...


April 22nd  2008… Probably the longest, varied and adventurous lucid dream ever. The whole dream seemed to last for many hours. That night I was distracted by the clicking of the external hard disk. I woke up many times and had many dreams which contented lucid features. Then came a long lucid dream in which I tried many things - reactions of person from dreams, teleportation, flying by various speed and some ways of changing scenery. I also discovered a brand-new way to get airborne – lean forward slowly as if you want to fall on the ground with your face or dive in water headfirst while trying to fly up by the power of you will.


… I find myself in a huge sumptuous building. It looks like a typical museum or a stylish palace. There are expensive carpets everywhere, pictures hanging on the walls and crystal chandeliers on the ceiling… I am walking through a hall full of oceanaria with plenty of exotic fishes and sharks. One of the smaller sharks is watching me. Somehow I figured out that it is a dream. I am trying to conduct the reality test. Instinctively, I do not want to have a shark in my dream so I am leaving the room and proceeding to the next one. In this room with a high ceiling I am starting to fly to the next room without conduction the watch reality test. I am entering a large entrance hall with lost of people. I decided to test their reactions so I am flying down and starting to kiss one of them passionately :) Surprisingly, the person reacts normally and only like an imaginary object. Shortly after that, somebody who dislikes my doing is pouncing on me... I am escaping to the ceiling elegantly. The pursuer is shouting at me that it is not fair and smiling… I am somewhere in the upper floors where I am looking for the answers which usually remains hidden. Intuitively, I am finding a large white room behind a milk-white glass. I flying in through it… there is a PC in which I am trying to find the answers… I am clicking with a mouse but something does not work and there is also some sound issue... An elderly man is coming to me - probably the local administrator - he is trying to make it work... After some time, I can hear a woman in the next room. I can feel fear in her voice. She has a bad feeling and is trying to warn her husband… At that moment I realized that I was exposed and me and the couple are in danger... (the dream has probably changed into a normal one here)… I am shouting that we have been exposed and we need to run away… Furiously, we are running down the stairs in the entrance hall and through a couple of other rooms. There is a maze with some mosaics on the first floor. I am squeezing myself through a hole between strange sculptures. I am running out into the street together with a couple of other people and immediately getting on a waiting cab. I can hear a deep voice threatening that he knows about us anyway… I am standing on a concrete banister on the bridge across a muddy flooded river flowing through a town... I am starting to fly up and down to the river... I am trying to fly faster by my will... I am almost as fast as a running car. After that I am flying slow and trying to swim in the air and water. Water is splashing in my palms. I am flying further and further, the river is getting meandered and overgrown by tropical trees. It is like a jungle. I flying on and there is a villa neighbouring with our house. I am landing on the roof and starting to talk with a weird supernatural being. It says that something terrible happened in this place. Somebody killed his wife and baked her in the chimney around which black dust is still lying. I am standing on the roof and looking down at the street until I am getting vertigo... Carefully, I am descending on the tiles down to the terrace. There are my neighbours in the distance shouting at me something. Suddenly, they are standing right next to me and we are chatting... I am climbing down a tall birch. Its branches are breaking under my weight. After I made it to the ground I am getting airborne again and circling high above the people in the garden… I am in my room. It is larger, rugged, more spacious and different. There are several people standing here... I am flying though a hall and trying to teleport myself in front of a picture on the wall. I cannot do that... I getting back to my room and trying to fly through a poster. I got stuck in the wall. I am trying again…darkness… A dead half-covered teacher is being dragged on a cart through a dark hall before me… I am trying to change the scenery by concentrating on different place during a flight. I cannot do that either. Eventually, I am focusing on the poster with a tropical motive while I am flying out of the house... At first, it seems that it works… the landscape is rippling and forming… I can see trees, tropical sea and then some Mediterranean beach and houses with fired tiles on their roofs… I am back in my different room. I am spreading my arms and trying to do some energetic exercises... I want to fly out. I am poking my fingers through a window and flying into a garden....


July 2008 … I have discovered another elegant way of flying – on a skateboard. I do not even remember how I got to this idea. I imagined it levitating low above the ground and I just stepped on it. After that you just need to set it in motion. For some people this may be a way to get airborne. This enables you to move faster then by a normal flight, approximately by the speed of a running car.


August 2008 … I am in former grammar school.... Among my current schoolmates are the real ones and some from the elementary school. There is a class disco going on… I am dancing… Shortly, I am realizing that I am observing myself from distance to be sitting behind a school desk. There is still dancing euphoria all around us. Somebody is coming to me and asking whether everything is alright... I am taking an enormous bubblegum out of my mouth and throwing it on the floor furiously...I know it is a dream I am looking forward to what I am going to do... I walking to a window and trying to fly. I cannot do that. I am trying the rope technique and soon I am flying through a window to a playground of a non-existing park. On my way I am asking the people beneath me about the time…They cannot hear me… I am flying above the trees in the park and listening to strange but very rhythmical music. Again, I am at a crowded place. There are flocks of small children and people are walking everywhere... Then I see my former schoolmate. I am flying to her... I taking advantage of the dream and kissing her passionately. She is quite surprised and she is telling me something… I am having difficulties with flying again. I am focusing again... It is working well now... I am flying under tall chestnut tree and there is somebody going under me in a fireman uniform... There is somebody in white clothes standing on the road... there is a noose hanging on the tree... I can hear these words from distance: “She will reborn blind with a blind child”… I am flying close to the noose and examining it carefully… I am waking up.


August 2008 – a couple of days later – another interesting lucid dream... I am in a car with my parents and friends... the storm is coming. It is overcast and sky is full of lightings. It is almost unnatural... We are better stopping... I can hear a big bang and covering my ears. It seems that our car was struck by lightning... I am stepping out...The sky is clear again... The road is stretching high to a valley with a mighty dam. The dam is resisting the water but eventually cracks under enormous pressure… The water rises swiftly, flooding the valley and closing towards us… I am running up the hill furiously until I get to an elevated railway bridge… I am scared… I am feeling safe not until I am on the bridge… the scenery is changing and I am observing the situation under me from a sky-high view. The bridge is running through a rock and continuing above a deep ravine… I meet a friend of mine and I am telling him that it is only a dream. He does not believe me. I am trying to convince him - without myself knowing what will happen next I am stretching out my arm as if I am expecting it to somehow change. I am counting my fingers… two of them are missing and there is one extra on the other hand... I am showing him how to fly by stretching out his hands. I am telling him to imagine somebody to pull him by his hand… We are both levitating above the bridge…I am giving him some instructions for flying and preparing him for possible vertigo... We are slowly flying out of the overhanging rock above the bridge…the vertigo surprised me pretty much. I have not been so high for a long time!... We are slowly descending…lower and lower…We are arriving in some familiar city square from where we are bouncing on… A little girl is roller-skating around us… I am thinking about skateboarding… I am waking up.


August 2008… I am having a dream… suddenly I am encountering a person who I would rather avoid… I am it is a dream so I am cheerfully ignoring a greeting and passing through. He is still behind me. I am turning back and stretching my arms. By the pressure of energy I am trying to push him as far as possible. I did not work. Therefore, I am trying to fly away... I made it... I am flying high and soon I am in the sky… It looks like some other dimension. Everything is white. It can be some gigantic stony room filled with white light... I think it is a school. Everybody here is flying, learning and drawing something with their brushes. They are wearing white and grey clothes like old Chinese calligraphers... I discussing something with one of them… everything is getting foggy...


August 15th 2008… This night I had three lucid dreams. In the first one I realized that it was a dream and I tried to confirm this I had some business which I paradoxically wanted to finish. Only after finishing this I got to the "lucid matters". The dream, however, ended with an eclipse… The second lucid dream started the falling of a tall tree down to our garden. It was cracked by the gale. I looked out of the window to watch it break in half and once more again in another two pieces which damaged the low stone wall of our neighbours´ house. I dreamt about this many times and therefore I checked the reality by my watch. The test brought expected results but the dream again ended up with me loosing consciousness. Nevertheless, the third dream came very soon. That night I probably kept in my mind that I was having lucid dreaming so it helped somehow… I am in the living room and conducting the reality test with my watch. This time I am checking its hands. The result is ambiguous so I am examining it more closely. The watch fills my whole vision field. The clock face seems to be enormous. I am examining the five-minute sections and watching numerical symbols. There is a picture of the number three above every five-minute mark but they are all different... I am flying up and passing through the window into the gardens across the road... It is spring, beautiful clear day. The sky is clear and blue, everything around me is blooming. It is a flood of blossoms... I do know if it is me so tiny of the nature around so huge but everything seems so enormous... I am flying into the crown of a blooming peach tree where I am sitting in blossoms and watching the countryside around me. It is very pleasant. I am trying if I am able to take a lotus position (in reality it is very difficult unlike the half lotus position)… I managed to do that quite easily… I am sitting and watching. I got carried away. Soon, I am closing me eyes - although it is said that it is impossible to close your eyes in a dream. However, it was a mistake which ended this dream... I am starting to feel that I am waking up. I am trying to open my eyes but all I can see is darkness. I am calling for help my brother who I can hear nearby... The dream is ending....


October 30th 2008... This night brought substantial progress in discovering the world of lucid dreaming. Accidentally, I have discovered another way of changing scenery. I hope it will work again. If we believe in these tricks they usually work. This is how I learned the rope method.


This night was full of dreams. The interesting thing was that I watched them through eyes of several different people… It is winter, fresh snow is everywhere. It is a deep night. I am walking down a barely lit street and then taking down the stairs to my non-existing flat. I am examining door gasket and entering... I am in another non-existing flat. This time it is my parent’s. Everything is modern and new. I feel like I have been living here for years, however, I have never seen such a house. Until here it was a normal standard dream but then it changed - different scenery, different story... I am walking on a sandy beach under high cliff. At that moment I am sure I am in Africa (although I have never been there). I am wading ankle-deep in pleasantly warm turquoise water. Sky is purple, afternoon sunrays are reflecting themselves on sea and rocks. Water is splashing and gentle waves slowly arrive on the beach. I know it is a dream. I am enjoying it as the sea hums in my ears. While I am looking at the open sea I got suddenly worried by the fact that I am too often dreaming about sharks. As it was the tide and water was draining away the beach was getting narrower. This idea completely ruined the pleasant feeling. I thought about stepping out of water and changing scenery. FOR THE FIRST TIME in my life I managed to do that!!! As I was stepping out of water in the middle of the beach on the low concrete stairs I tried to stare at the ground and imagine as I am entering the garden of our house through the gate. I knew in my mind that it is there. I raised my head and I was really walking to my house! The sea and rock were gone. It was a complete change, no eclipse, no spinning around, flying through a poster or covering my eyes. These tricks do not work with me. As soon as I lose visual contact I am getting an eclipse, I start to feel light in my bed and wake up. There is no need to continue describing the dream. It was not interesting and faded away soon anyway.


July 2009 – It is said that is impossible to close eyes in dreams. Lately, I tested reality by this very often. Whenever I thought that something is strange I simply closed my eyes for a second and opened them quickly. This was a signal that it is the reality. Its advantage is its speed and convenience - you do not need to look at you watch several times. In practise, this is more suitable to detect lucid dreaming then to confirm it. If you close you eyes and open them quickly it is very likely that it is the reality. If it is a dream you will close your eyes too but after opening them you will only see darkness and you will wake up soon. The following could be a good example:nning around s ca nd changinding away the ba am too ofetd new. it is my parentis a flood of blossoms. s bllindownakrd theat


I am walking down the street with my schoolmate… then somebody call me by my surname from distance... when I hear it I realize that the person is no longer living - he died tragically several years ago. Therefore I am sure it is a dream. I am trying to look at my watch a couple of times. The time has changed. Out of curiosity, I am trying to close my – I am wondering whether it is even possible in a dream… I worked well but after I opened them it darkness all around me. I am starting to feel my body. Therefore I am trying to tune into the dream again – I am jumping into darkness with huge leaps and then flying… It is the same feeling like when I fly in lucid dreams but this time I cannot see anything and I cannot imagine where I want to get... I am waking up.


Summer 2009 – No special lucid dreams but one which shows how to fight nightmares:


…Somebody is trying to kill me. I am not sure what happened before... he is pointing his gun at me... I guess somebody died and I am the next in line as I have witnessed something I should have not… he got distracted by something which I am taking advantage of and fleeing from there...the police is arriving and while still running I am explaining the situating and pointing at the killer… there is a gunfight… I am leaving happily because I trust the police to deal with the situation. What a surprise when I turn around and see the policemen lying dead and the killer running after me!... I am exhausted. I feel I will not be able to escape... he is closing in - soon he will be able to shoot me... while running it crosses my mind to look at my watch. It is a lucid dream! … With a huge relieve I bouncing from ground and flying high along the road home. I do not even care to look back as I know that no one can hurt me while I am flying. Anyway, it is just a dream and the dangerous person is of no concern to me anymore…


Note (updated): For conduction of the reality test, these situations are suitable:


1. Conduct the test when you think something is wrong – for instance, if there is the Earth instead of Moon, you have two IDs in your pocket, you are skiing on grass, you are flying or diving in water for a long time without a need to take a breath. It is just anything you find odd at the moment. However, it is very hard to realize that something is not alright in a dream. Appropriate moments to conduct the reality test are the situations when something is abnormally beautiful and unique which makes you confused – for instance, you are standing on an amazing beach where the sea has incredible blue colour, you won a million or passed a hard exam in your school - or it can a situation when something terrible happens – somebody died, you lost your teeth, your house was burnt to the ground, you got fired etc. In the both of these extreme cases you tell yourself that it cannot be true. This should lead you to the reality test.


2. Conduct the reality test in pre-arranged situations which you train in the reality - these can be things you dream of very often - e.g. falling down in elevator - or moments which are not likely and which you have previously chosen as an impulse to start testing - e.g. you are near a sea or other unusual situation.


The above-mentioned is good to be repeated regularly in order to memorize. Also, repeat to yourself what you have experienced in your lucid dreams. This can bring about another dream adventures.



December 26th 2003, updated on August 1st 2009