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    The origin of these websites is actually a bit accidental. Few years ago I started practising trance techniques. I tried hard to improve and discovered its deeper levels. Those times I met a few people on the internet who asked me a lot of questions about trance and mental techniques in general as they had hardly any experience with such things. I started writing for those people. The first article was just on trance. With time more articles were written and others by another authors were added.

    The main purpose of these websites is to provide information about mental techniques and all related things to those interested. I do my best everything here is clear and easy to understand. I also try to provide detailed instructions for practical training and mention all potentional risks.

    As regards the category about buddhism, there are the most important and well known "key texts" or sutras and also some minor articles and other interesting stuff. I donīt prefer any exact form of buddhism. My only intention is to explain what buddhism is and what its goals are. Its mainly because of the fact some of my articles are often related to buddhism. Those who have deeper interest in buddhism should follow the links.

    Practising all mental techniques described here is on your own risk! Donīt be afraid - problems caused by mental techniques occur rarely and donīt stand for a serious danger. However, there is one exception - certain mental techniques can possibly induce an epileptic seizure in people suffering from epilepsy.

    As you probably noticed, english is not my mother tongue. Some of my translations may not be "perfect" :-) Any help with corrections is highly welcome.

    Feel free to place any of these texts on your websites. Just enclose a link please. Buddhist texts can be propagated as "dhamma dana" in written or any other form under condition of no possible earning from such actions.

    Come back in a few weeks or months and look for updates. If you would like to receive updates via email or post a comment, use this blueform please.


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